Meet Season One GIANTS

The Stars of AwakeningGIANTStv™ believe it is not only their responsibility to change the world, but an opportunity.

Changemakers don’t see chaos. They don’t see problems. They see opportunity to create solutions, to explore human potential, to find a way around whatever comes. Then AwakeningGIANTS™ go one critical step further! They start from WITHIN.

They approach life recognizing that the gift of divine connection and divine will, when integrated with human ingenuity, has been the ONLY thing missing in our modern world.

As business leaders from many industries, these brave women and men are willing to share the spiritual journey as well as the business and personal journey that is lacking in most boardrooms. From all walks of life, race and religions, AwakeningGIANT Stars are willing to discover unity, and to look within themselves FIRST when a crisis or conflict arises.

YOU get to be with them in their weakness as well as their strength; in their struggle to overcome fear and hope in the face of the unknown; in their frustration in times of stress, their ingenuity in solving problems, their individual triumph that pulls them thru!

​​​​​​​You’ll cheer them on as they model a new way of Leadership in the world, not run by greed, image, competition, one-upmanship, and popularity, but thru vulnerable mistakes, self-questioning, and open-mindedness, turning reactions into responses, fear into courage, embarrassment into self-confidence, and shame into shining!

Introducing Season One AwakeningGIANTStv…